Gavin Pickin

Software Consultant
Ortus Solutions

Gavin has been a full stack developer since the late 90s, where he studied and worked for the University of Auckland, New Zealand. As a member of the first University wide E-Business team, he was introduced to ColdFusion, and has continued to be go to server side language. Gavin left New Zealand at the end of 2000, to venture to California to look for real world international experience, where he has worked with hundreds of businesses of varying sizes and project types.

Over time, Gavin has worked with all aspects of the development process, from the Graphic Design, Front End Design , Server Side Programming, DB and Server Management.

With a passion for learning and growth, Gavin loves to dive into new technology and spends most of his time with Javascript and Hybrid Mobile development these days.

Gavin joined Ortus Solutions in 2015 after being involved with Ortus’ open source community products for some time. Now he is the Product Evangelist for ContentBox - a modular CMS built in CFML, and works on interesting and demanding consulting projects, with a variety of Ortus clients around the world.