Mark Drew


Mark has been programming CFML since 1996, and even though he has had forays into Perl, ASP and PHP he is still loving every line of code he has crafted with CFML.

His career has concentrated on eCommerce, Content Management and Application Scalability for various well known brands in the UK market such as Jaeger, Hackett, Hobbs, Dyson, B&W, Diesel amongst others.

Aside from commercial projects, Mark has contributed to a number of Open Source projects such as the CFEclipse Project (developing a CFML IDE), Reactor ORM, ColdSpring, ColdBox and the Model-Glue framework.

Because of this background, Mark has also become a well known speaker at various conferences on subjects close to his heart such as ORM's, Frameworks, Development Tooling and Development Process.

He runs CMD a London based consultancy that provides training, development services, architectural consulting and performance tuning.